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2 rolls of vacuum rolls of film tube 20 x 600 cm

2 rolls of vacuum rolls of film tube 20 x 600 cm

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▲Safe and risk-free: 7-layer coextruded film, BPA-free. Can be microwaved, frozen, cooked and dishwasher safe. Ideal for sous vide cooking.

▲Easy to use: Bags made quickly and easily by individual cutting, multiple use after cleaning. Suitable for freezing food down to -20 °C or for vacuum cooking up to +110 °C.

▲8x Freshness: Heavy-duty bags with embossed vent channels block both oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal, prevent freezer burn and keep food fresh and delicious. Store fresh or frozen food 3 to 8 times longer with our standard bags to reduce waste.

▲Suitable for all vacuum sealers: e.g. Food saver, KitchenBoss, Nesco, Weston, Caso, Ziploc etc. Film for use in combination with vacuum sealer, longer shelf life for daily and long-term food storage.

●Without direct contact with air, vacuum-packed foods can last up to 8 times longer

●Protect your food from freezer burn by vacuum sealing and freezing

●Vacuum sealing allows the spices to penetrate marinated foods more quickly and therefore taste more intense

●Meat can ripen perfectly under vacuum

●Soft foods (like berries or bread) stay in their shape and are not crushed when initially

Technical data:
Size: 20x600CM
Color: transparent
Use: food bags
Material:PA/PE multi-layer

Scope of delivery:
2 rolls of vacuum film 20 x 600cm
5x vacuum film food storage bags (20*30cm)
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