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Chicken coop with PE color cloth 3x8x2m

Chicken coop with PE color cloth 3x8x2m

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【Stability】Our chicken coop is made of high quality galvanized steel tube frames, which are corrosion and rust resistant. At the same time, the PE sun protection provides waterproofing and UV protection, ensuring a dry and comfortable interior of the chicken coop.

【Safety】Our chicken coop is equipped with a door lock and a sufficiently long PVC-coated hexagonal wire mesh to prevent pets and poultry from escaping and provide additional security. With the included ground frame and pegs, it can stand stably on the ground and be protected from external disturbances.

【Sufficient Space】The chicken coop has a size of 3 x 8 x 2 meters, which provides enough space for your pets to run around freely and keep themselves healthy and happy.

【Easy Cleaning】Our chicken coop is simply designed and easy to clean. You can conveniently clean every corner, ensuring that your pets can live in a clean and hygienic environment.

【Versatility】Our chicken coop is not only suitable for keeping chickens, but also rabbits, birds and other small animals. It is a versatile animal hutch that can meet your different needs.

Size of metal pipe: 25mm (diameter) * 0.65mm (thickness)
Metal pipe material: hot-dip galvanized metal pipe
Net material: PVC coated hexagonal mesh
Chicken net size: 1.88 x 31 m
Parasol material: 150g PE waterproof cloth
Parasol size: 3.4m*2m
Packaging specification:
Pack size 1: 1.90*0.18*0.18m
Pack size 2:1.8*0.28*0.13m
Pack size 3:0.4*0.3*0.2m
Package weight 1: 17kg
Package weight 2:28kg
Packing weight 3:9kg

Free-range chicken coop includes:
Chicken net*1
Shade cloth*2
Spring rope 2 packs
Accessory set*3
Ties*1 pack

You will receive 3 packages which include:
1*free range chicken coop
2*PE sun protection cover
1*Manual in German
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