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Metal drill set 230 pieces Ø 1-13mm

Metal drill set 230 pieces Ø 1-13mm

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Heavy duty high speed steel metal drill, for strong performance in all kinds of work is a good choice for general work.

A titanium coating increases the hardness and robustness of the drill and reduces vibrations during drilling.

Made of durable carbide with the finest grain for even greater wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The twist drills are suitable for drilling materials with a strength of up to approx. 900 N/mm² (e.g. steel, cast steel, cast iron, sintered metals, non-ferrous metals, plastics, soft and hard wood).

The 230-piece metal drill set is presented in a practical and robust storage box.

10 drill bits in sizes: 1mm | 1.5mm | 2.0mm | 2.5mm | 3.0mm | 3.2mm | 3.5mm | 4.0mm | 4.2mm | 4.5mm | 5.0mm | 5.5mm 6.0mm | 6.5mm 7.0mm | 7.5mm | 8.0mm | 8.5mm | 10.0mm

5 drill bits each in the sizes: 9.0mm | 9.5mm | 10.5mm | 11.0mm | 11.5mm | 12.0mm | 12.5mm | 13.0mm

Scope of delivery:
1x 230 piece twist drill set
1x metal case
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