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Honeycomb table for laser engraving machine 400x400x22mm

Honeycomb table for laser engraving machine 400x400x22mm

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HONEYCOMB LASER WORK TABLE - Made of aluminum alloy, laser honeycomb bed size 400x400x22mm, the honeycomb diameter is 7.5mm, large work area, suitable for large projects. When cutting wood, acrylic, etc., the edges of the material are neat and clean, and it is not easy to be burned or yellowed by the laser.

BETTER CUTTING EFFECT - The laser honeycomb bed has a honeycomb design, the honeycomb shapes are properly spaced, optimal air circulation and smoke reduction. No trace of smoke on the back. This greatly improves cutting efficiency and engraving quality, and you can achieve better quality results. The honeycomb table is the best choice for laser cutting.

SAFE METAL PROTECTIVE PLATE - The honeycomb table set is equipped with an aluminum plate, which can prevent laser reflections from damaging the laser head and extend the life of the laser. At the same time, the honeycomb panel can protect your desk from laser damage and keep your desk clean as new.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY - The honeycomb laser bed is compatible with various laser engraving machines, such as: B. Diode DIY laser engraving machines and CO2 laser engraving machines etc.

QUICK MEASUREMENT - The X-axis and Y-axis are equipped with high-resolution and precise scale markings, forming a ruler that allows you to quickly measure the engraving size.

Product parameters:
Material: galvanized iron + aluminum alloy
Color: Black
Product weight: 2.6 kg
Size: 400x400x22mm
Opening size: 7.5mm
A notice:
To avoid damaging the table, do not remove the base during operation of the laser device

Scope of delivery:
1* honeycomb base
1* aluminum plate
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